Wednesday, May 1, 2013

“Blue Girl”

Tick Tock goes the clock
Tick Tock goes the knock
Knock…knock…knock as the hammer comes down to land in the exact spot.

My teeth, yellow with disease
Yellow as a sunflower
Sinking into that piece of freshly cut meat I neeeed.

Delicate whispers of song and dance in my ear
Keeping me awake are the voices of yesteryear…
Dancing in my skull are puppets of the undead pounding against the marrow filled walls.

Christmas is the time for cheer
Time for joy
Time for jeer
Time to wrap, wrap, wrap up your dead.
Give it a nice bow instead.

Blue girl, blue girl where did they find you?
In a lake
In a pond
Or under a stake?
Blue girl, blue girl are you cold and grey?
Lips purple and blue to match the sunset today-
Blue girl, blue girl who found you?
A cousin?
A friend?
A foe?
Did the killer himself return you hoome?

~ P

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