Saturday, November 21, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Dr. Lee had me transferred to another facility. Back in February. I was sent to a minimum security asylum outside of Tuscan. Where I was under the care of a Dr. Jane Pickman a cunt of a woman who hated men with the passion. She hated me, though I think Spunky, a midget more who lived next to me on block 3- he ate his own feces and although his cubical never did smell his breath was shit.

I had to have lunch with him and a short broad individual by the name of Stumpy Joe. I feel like I’m in a New Jersey prison. Dr. Pickman would always call me in to her office and want me to commit to daily tasks around the facility. Cleaning cubicals that had just become vacant from the previous tenant, washing public latrines watering her plants, mundane shit really. She had a beard or mussetache that gave me the willeys. Stumpy Joe gave her his comb one day. Not as a joke but thinking she was actually a man.

He spent several days in the hold.

I’m now back with Dr. Lee and his band of merry misfit janitors that he calls “help.” Though my head is clearer since my trip I feel odd being back. Especially since the last two months of my ten month journey is very vague. I remember only bits and pieces.

I received transfer pages to come back here because Dr. Cunt couldn’t handle me. HA!

She told doctor Lee that I was a “high risk” HA! Again. I’m as about as high a risk as Spunky. At least Dr. Lee as much of a cocksucker that he is, gives me the time of a different day and the means to get out my frustration here and through my arttowrk.

I’ve learned many assets here using this internet and watching our fellow “man.”

There was a tranny the first day I came back home here. He was in my van sharing fare with me and George who was my “keeper” as I traveled across this great fucked up nation of ours to get back here. I degress.

This tranny with tits of Dolly Parton and the cock from John Holmes is sitting across from me- we’re both shackled to the floor. He is in his travel duds as am I. He is a newbie coming to my house. From the stories I’ve heard, he tried gagging a guy with his cock but wasn’t able to get it all in before the fucker bit down and took half of it off. I shit you not. So now “Lacey” as they call IT has a mouse size cock and giant saggy bitch tits.

That motherfucker kept staring at me the whole way back, which is about a 45min drive from the airport. I can’t stand when people stare at me. I finally got tired of it and when I got out of the van I jumped his crooked cock ass and beat him as best I could while being shackled from head to toe.

George gave me a crack in the back of the head and I rolled over like a dog playing dead.

Earl but not Matt came out to drag me back insoide. Matt was on leave, nervous breakdown from what I heard. Too bad- I liked tormenting that sorry sack.

So my first night back at the Necropolis, my home of homes. I spent it in the hold. Lacey was bruised and in the next box over from mine. I know this because I can smell IT’S Old Spice and perfume hookers would wear. It was if it was his permanent stink.

I tell you I don’t miss Dr. Pickman- haahaha as I sit here thinking of my time with that fat smelly whale of a decrepit waste of space. The stories, they put a smile on my face. I’ll write more tomorrow. At the moment I’m on good behavior because I drew a picture for Dr. Lee today. Actually it was for his sweet, sweet daughter Jenna.

But don’t tell him that…