Sunday, December 20, 2009

“It’s a Wonderful Life”


I’m as clever as the rest of you lemmings riding around in your gas guzzling monster truck baby killing machines-sucking down triple latt├ęs while fucking your husband in his Barry Mellono ass with entire EXTRA GOLD-CORPORATE credit card that has 60% interest!

Yes, I am the angel sitting there next to you- HELLO my name is CLARENCE.

I am the hand that pushes you-
Not into traffic
NOT into your lovers arms
Not into the water
Not even into another person, that’s just plane rude

Because in the spirit of Jummi Stewert I have to think that he was in leagues with the devil. There is no way unless you have shaken the hand of GOD the almighty imaginary FRIEND- that you will be saved unless you make a deal with LEWIS CYPHER himself.

OR me, I’m the only other imaginary friend who can help you. Much like CLASUE that jollyjelly of a man who I would STAY clear from –


Because Dr. Lee told a child her once that CLASUE rapes little boys if they don’t take their medication.


Dr. Lee has a good sense of humor- I love to hate that guy. ☺

So on this merry of holidaze conditions that I would like to call them. Pleas e feel free to put a small something under the tree for CLARENCE

Because you never know when you might find yourself at the edge of sanity and want to end it all right there on a bridge.


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ki∆ky=unconventional sexual practices

I dreamt last night of a fog that rose just above the Devil’s Strait=A small section of jagged rocks off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard.

There I saw a woman, a being known as HERMAPHRODITUS

She came to me again in my dream. I miss her- she hasn’t made an appearance to me in months. 120days+52hrs=I missed her- my little friend, my sanity, my sexual partner.

Explain to m e her, her who I know only as HAPPY-she has a face that a mother would smack and a father would fuck.

She smells of vinegar and blueberries with a hint of cinnamon- her cock, thick with every ounce in it- ready to cause sin wherever it goes.

SHE IS MY FAVORUTE Frankenstein. I love mother night as she delivers me this germ- this disease of many, claiming to be one with me,


Dr. Lee says that the treatment I received in Tulsa was adequate but not up to HIS standards. I laugh at you doc, giving me such high hopes.

I/m awake it’s 00:03- Dr. Lee gave me time again tonight to write. He says because I was stinted in my Summer CAMP hospital I went too. That he wants me to write more now.
Lucky me


I have been sitting her for over an hour, thinking of something to write.

Pigsmkssk;;sckmccccc skkksssssss sucmydiksjjsjcj sjlwashmeccc;csm m

There you go- I wrote something

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Stumpy was sitting three rows up from me under an apple tree which covered a set of benches with shade. We were at a puppet show in the courtyard of Doctor Cunty’s playroom. It was your typical “Punch and Judy” display of ragged and worn marionettes.

The really BIG ‘Tards as I liked to cal them were the ones putting on the show. I never laughed so hard. Some of these patients have the IQ of a donkey and the manners of an overweight trucker needing to take a shit.
Of course if I showed anytype of emotion I would be sent into her big SMELLY-putrid-genitlewart ridden VAGINA!

Yes Doctor, your vagina smells like a dead leopards asshole.

I digress….
Stumpy was sitting two rows in front of me, I was watching a retarded puppet show with Dr. Pick-my-ass-hole present. My interest laid in Stumpy actually, how a person, a man could sit with such horrible posture and not be sore- the rings of neck fat he had, you can almost figure out his age. Then there was the BACKhair! horrible, long, velvety black and it curled in unison, leaping out of the top of his shirt.

I wanted to shave him.

Shhhhhhhh- I did, yes no shit Dr. Lee I shaved Stumpy. I shaved a FUCKEN ring around his collar so I wouldn’t have to see it anymore. Then I shaved his fat rings, I shaved his fat wrinkly head, I shaved his eyebrows- and then his balls.


I was bored and HE disgusted me.

Now when I go to the dreaded puppet shows. I can sit and enjoy those little retards as they run around with their hands up puppet asses and laugh outside.

RIGHT-In Ms.- Docter Cunty’s face.

And Stumpy is as smooth as a babies bottome.

note to self- Dr. Lee please keep reading these because I need to make sure yu understand that I shouldn’t be let free. You DUMB APE.