Tuesday, March 2, 2010

inside my head

Inside my head something grows
What I do not know
Who might it be?
A friend ready to jump out at any moment to cut another man’s throat? Perhaps her-the one wearing her knee socks today.
Nothing is as quite as it seems today-please give me an aswer, I cannot go on living in this place. Christ they haven’t cleaned my room in weeks.That’s right, because I shit there, well in the corner of the room- my days now are spent in a 8x5 cubicle. I’ve been too brave. I smashed Clarence’s head in.

Clarence was a fuckity fuck. He was a transfer from Ohio a month back and has since been getting on my nerves. He’sAsmall man who has pleaure in hurting others.Emotionally. I mean. He would taunt all of us. Saying little things as we walked by, whispered to us in the night.So I called to my friend who was ready to jump from my noggin- he did and Clarence was cut down like a weak pin in the forest. Ifelt nothing towards him except anger, he made me angry for now having to stay in her longer. I was coming up for review in a few monthsso I wanted to be on my best behavior.
Well this guy fucked it up for me.