Sunday, January 30, 2011


This is the first time I’ve been on in a yearwell almost a year.  As yu can see in my ast post I was anaughty little solider. Dr. Lee had my review alright. I was in solitary for THREE months to start-then was up on trial.But a trila not like you see on the tevivision. Added a few more years on to my nutty sentence.  Not to menton that they have been keeping my dosage of fun tablets in a varied form.  Some days I get a wealth of blu pills and other days I receive puke green pills that make me feel like my head will explod.

            Somedays I wonder if they will create a rainbow pill –this will allow us to take measur in knowing what to believe since everything we witness is the sour truth-yet we sit as cattle, grazing among the turds filling up on the magical notion that we will exist. In this plane in the next and the next. But in fact we are only at the stage of an acorn. The PERVERSE Universe as we know it spits it’s violent cum upon EARTHS eye. Giving us a timclock of  a preposterous task that allows for puppies to die and flowers, daffidols to grow in their place.

            Back to Clarence- he was lad to rest on March 3rd 2010 with an extra hole in his body-dear reader if you think I will allow you to draw the details of my crime forth-you are more insane that your CNN or FOX local boob.  My crime was a fantasy that somehow beca,e the nature of FACT. For m y sentence I am destined to spend an additional tweny years here.

I can with a wink satisfy the notion of my extended stay. But I am not going to give up the fact that someday-whether it be on my terms as a free man by choice and not by proxy. Or by the will of a thankless GOD who strikes me down with his hollow hand. Be rest assured reader I wil see the sun again.
My CELL is vacant with thought here. I am only the moss growing on trhe walls of my concrete soul.

Forever I am an animal forged in nature to prey-prey on the soul of a being-

GOOD night viewer, Good night Dr; LEE you asshole.